The Night Watch


Photos 1-3: Body-painted model in homage to Rembrandt

Photo 1 : The Night Watch – main figures

Photo 2 : The Night Watch – secondary figures

Photo 3 : The Night Watch – other figures

Video: Rembrandt painted his masterpiece “the Night Watch” from a live scene. He impressed this three-dimensional parade onto a two-dimensional canvas. Almost 400 years on, his spectacular work is still alive, modern and dynamic. This inspired me to interpret his most famous work of art on my own artistic terms.
As a body-painter, I endeavored to reverse the circumstances of Rembrandt’s artwork, by transferring a two-dimensional painting onto a three-dimensional canvas: the human body. My model’s torso has multiple sides and angles, rendering the scene rounded. Consequently, the archer on the left in Rembrandt’s original is body painted next to the three figures on the right. Thus, the archers group is always “marching” forward.
Unfortunately, the artwork in body painting is always of a temporary nature, as models cannot perpetually wear their body-paint. Therefore, I photographed the model after applying the body-painting and recorded her on video, rendering the three-dimensional canvas in two dimensions once more, thus closing the circle.

Much thanks to Alon Sariel and Concerto Foscari for their beautiful performance of the musical composition by Jean Baptiste Lully, Rembrandt’s contemporary.