Buying my artworks

You can buy one or more of the artworks featured on my website.


The photos are printed by chemical process on photo paper, in an exclusive edition of ten pieces. All artworks are signed by me.

Prices for unframed photo prints are:

  • 20 x 30 cm (8 x 12 in): 295 Euro
  • 30 x 45 cm (12 x 18 in): 395 Euro
  • 50 x 75 cm (20 x 30 in): 495 Euro

Other sizes are available upon request.

In all cases (international) transport costs by registered mail are included.

It is also possible to buy a digital image file of my photos in TIFF or JPG-format. The price of a digital file depends on its publication form, size and circulation.

Drawings & Photo collages

I also sell the unique drawings and collages on my website. Some of them are framed.

The prices of the unframed drawings and collages are between 395 and 595 euro. Adding passe-partout and frame costs 100 euro extra.

How to buy

If you would like to buy a photo, drawing or collage, please contact me.

Payment for your order can be done by wire transfer, PayPal or Western Union.