Three weeks ago it became clear to me, that Vladimir Putin didn’t read my last blog. I still hope that somehow rationality will take over the delusion in this Greek tragedy. Stop the war! For the sake of Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the whole world: Rather earlier than later.

Those of you who know me for a while know already, that I have nothing to do with fashion. I always wondered why thin girls are walking in a odd manner on a small path with the strangest pieces of cloth on them. After all, it seems that these most extraordinary and crazy creatures will never be worn by anybody. But, this is an millions industry and it looks like there should be some logic behind it which I will never understand.

Because I am busy more in what can be found under the clothes, I discovered that also here there is fashion. Nevertheless, in contrary to the clothes-mode which changes every season, the under-the-clothes fashion is here to stay.

Lets begin with the pubic hair. Up to the eighties every woman wore what nature gave her with proud. Some had more, some had less, but nobody was bothered about the difference in shape and quantity. The most important was, that it was there: healthy, decorative and fits exactly where it should be. Till Playboy began to show his Playmates with continuously less hair. One might think: Who reads Playboy? Women certainly not! But nothing is less true. I noticed that models who came to pose were following the Playboy-fashion very attentive. Nowadays more of them appears to be shaved that not shaved, what gives them appearance of 10 years old girls. The worst of all is, that this fashion is after almost 30 years not fading away. Why? Only God knows. Maybe…

Another fashionable phenomenon began about ten years ago: tattoos. Formerly, only sailors and whores wore them, so that one could take a safe distance from them. Now it became something that everyone “must” have, if you don’t want to be considered as “old-fashioned”. Ever heard of herd? No, only animals are gathered in herds…

The reason to this fashion? Decorative? love to the partner or just the memorial to the loyal dog who died. Fact is, that tattooing process is very painful, sometimes very long to be set on, expensive and often not the most beautiful to show around. Whatever it might be, I see it as a breakdown regarding esthetic nude photography. This, in contrary to pubic hair which might grow again, is much more difficult to remove.  Also in this case, a whole industry of making tattoos and sometimes removing it, is blooming.

Now you might wonder: well, if the esthetic nudity is so important for you, doesn’t body-painting make the same breakdown to it as tattoos? No, it’s not. The body-painting is totally different assumption. Practically it is a process which lasts only some hours and will be washed away under the first shower. It is essential, great difference, after all.

About the mentioned assumption and my motivation to create body-painting I will write another blog on my next update. Stay tuned!

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