New autumn, new works

There is Dutch saying: “Het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan” which means “The blood crawls where it can’t go”. In another words: an old preference (or love, or passion) never disappears completely and is eventually pursued.

Well, my health is not yet as should be, but I couldn’t keep myself away from creating new works. Therefore I held two sessions with the great dancer Ella, and I don’t regret it.

The first session was nude dance in the studio and the second one body-painting in nature. Ella was brave and had courage enough do dance in nature (with 8 centigrade degrees), dressing only the body-painting. The body-painting itself has been created in the studio, to keep your mind in rest… It cost her cold feet and me back-and feet pain, but the results made me happy again.

Herewith I wish to share with you my happiness. See and

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