Respect for each other

As you all can imagine, many of my projects are depended on participation of models, who would like to cooperate with me and take part in my plans. It has never been easy to find the appropriate models and nowadays even more difficult than before. Later on I will explain why.
My models don’t have to be “professional”, but can behave natural for the camera. Therefore they are sure of their own appearance, and would like to pose nude for the art. Because they saw my former works, they know what they could expect. First of all they can expect respect.
I respect the fact that a model can trust me and my plans. I appreciate the fact that they make their time free to participate on a project, which they don’t know yet which results it will provide. I respect the fact, that they can get out of their clothes and overcome the annoying thought: “what will my mother, father, friends or neighbors say”. I respect them for ignoring the present “MeeToo” outrage, which makes every man a suspicious figure. This especially when the distance between my fingers and their skin in only the length of a sponge or a painting-brush. I appreciate the readiness to walk barefoot among thorns and on stones, as Brida did during the last sessions. I appreciate them posing nude on a cold day, while I am well dressed in my coat. I appreciate the fact that they can stand motionless for long time while being body-painted. Respect!
Needless to say, that I expect a little respect from them too. Not appearing to an appointment is one of the most irritating experiences which an artist can expect. Unfortunately, the present human relations atmosphere, created by what’s call “Social media”, is not healthy. We came to live in “disposable society”, where relations among people are getting sick. At this atmosphere, people tends to hate more than to love each other. I hope that this tendency will change soon, so that respect will be again what it should be.
I respect you too, dear reader, for reading this till here!

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