The freedom of artistic expression vs. Witch hunt

Videos consume a lot of data while being played. When they are viewed by broad audience very often, an artist like me can’t afford to keep this enormous traffic on his own website. Therefore, I must use the service capacities of big companies like YouTube and Vimeo. Though being both American companies, Vimeo is very tolerant regarding nudity, while YouTube is vice versa. YouTube relates very often artistic nudity to sex. This company, owned by Google, has a huge number of viewers on internet. Some achievements, like bringing (live-)music close to the fans, is highly appreciated by the wide public and me.

There are some creative people who can earn their living from showing certain videos: how they paint their nails, or do their makeup or hang from cliffs. Their incomes are generated via two methods: showing advertisements beside the videos and/or having channel members. These members pay monthly a certain amount of money to get a special access to creator’s videos, which other viewers don’t see.

Because YouTube blocked my ability to let advertisements played beside my videos, I could not generate incomes on this way. Remained me only the possibility to have my own channel-members. My own channel-members were all older than 18 years. But even then, YouTube evolved many barriers for me to receive new members. They deleted videos which I made special for the members, claiming that they are “against the community rules regarding sex and nudity”.

As well, even adults could not watch my artistic videos because of the thumbnails. The thumbnails are tiny pictures which shows the visitors what is the video all about. They are as little as a post-stamp on a big computer’s monitor. Because I was aware about this censorship, I set the letters ”Censorship YouTube” on the human figures.

As result, YouTube complained then that my thumbnails “violate their Community Guidelines” and deleted the entire videos. Probably the morality-knights of YouTube were irritated by these letters, or directed a magnifier to search whether a breast-nipple is visible through the letters on these little pictures. Therefore, I may not generate incomes from membership because of this “breach”. This happens while my popular channel has already 258,000 subscribers and got more than 108 million views. Ridiculous, because the videos are made exactly conform the way their own rules dictate. However, there’s not much I can do against this. They are the complainant, the prosecutor, the judge and the executioner. Consequently, I decided not to upload new videos to my YouTube channel. Enough is enough!

Nevertheless, only two hours after I published on my channel the request to release the kidnapped people by the terror organization Hamas, three of my videos were deleted by YouTube. Coincidence? I don’t believe it!

By the way, the videos which you see on my site are logically linked to Vimeo, not to YouTube.

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