Why I make videos

Reaching 25,000 video subscribers and 10 million views.

I primarily see myself as a photographer rather than as a filmmaker. Nevertheless, especially when I create body-paintings, I wish to show the creation from all sides. For this reason, I used to make photos of the body-painting on the model from different angles.

Making videos became easier for me when professional photo cameras gained video functionality. I then realized that I can achieve the same goal while filming. More than that, a video gives a new dimension to the dynamics of the painted art work, especially with dance. I therefore began to create videos to complement the photos. Since 2011, I have made over fifty videos.

One unfortunate constraint my artworks face, is that the primary video platforms, YouTube and Vimeo, demand that I label my videos as ‘mature’ or ‘adult’. Yes, many of them contain a nude human body, but they serve no sexual purpose, whatsoever. As a consequence of YouTube’s policy, its visitors even have to log in to verify their age to be able to see my art videos. I’m also excluded from earning (advertising) money on my videos. This deprives me of an important revenue stream for creating my art.

Nevertheless, I am happy to say that the appreciation for the videos is large. My channel on YouTube will likely reach 25,000 subscribers this month. In total, my videos have been viewed over 9 million times on YouTube and Vimeo combined. This is an incredible number, and one that makes me proud as an artist. Many of the viewers were also kind enough to encourage me with their comments. Thank you all, loyal supporters!

My video channel on YouTube

My video channel on Vimeo

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