Morality knights

Former weekend I wanted to post a video on YouTube, but it has been deleted immediately by their morality knights. As well, my community page has been blocked for a week! As you probably know already, it is not the first time when they blocked me or deleted my videos. The given “reason” is, that the video was against their community rules. These community rules regarding nudity are: “We allow nudity when the purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic”.
To know: My artistic videos contains age restrictions, comply the demand of YouTube. They are absolutely conform the Community guidelines regarding artistic nudity. This artistic nudity is NOT pornographic creation in any matter. There are no sexual activities in it and it is not created for sexual satisfaction. There is no focus on genitals and it has been recorded from a distance.
But, behind the curtains (yes, you never know with whom you are dealing there, while YouTube, just as Google, wants to know EVERYTHING about YOU…) they decided that my video is against their rules. No specific reason has been given, as always. They are the detectives, the police, the prosecutors and the judges at the same time. As much as I know, even in a court you may know the reasons of the verdict. Not here: “it is against the community rules”. That’s all.
It reminds me the book “1984” by George Orwell, where the establishment is almighty. for the change, here it is not the administration but a private company. Worse than this, YouTube stimulates viewers to snitch them where there are “violating videos”. Imagine: in cases that Big Brother is not Big enough to know everything, they want to be assisted by the Little Bad snitches…!
To my side, I blocked through the years hundreds of visitors, who tried to add sexual and nasty comments to my videos. If these people took revenge by snitching my videos, then it is completely disgusting.
Finally, because you may not see on YouTube all my videos which grown-up people may see, I link my videos to Vimeo, without the censorship of Big Brother. Vimeo is much less popular than YouTube, but at least without morality knights who blocks me. Luckily, there is still an alternative for the choke hold of YouTube.

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