Ilanot and Eucalyptus grove, with ‘making of’ videos

During my last visit to Israel I made two photography sessions, with the same model, Abigail Friedmann. The first was a nude session in the Ilanot botanical garden, not far from the town of Netanya. I also created a body-painting session close by.

Over the past years, many visitors to this site have asked if I can share the process of creating my body paintings and photographs. In order to show them (and you!) how this happens ‘behind the scenes’, I asked my friend Uri to film both sessions. You can see the resulting ‘Making of’ videos here: Ilanot backstage and Eucalyptus grove backstage.

Of course, the videos summarize the work of several hours into a timeframe of just a few minutes, but it will give you a worthwhile insight into how I work. If you want to learn more, or would like to participate in a photography workshop, please reach out to me.

The results are here: Ilanot (nude) and Eucalyptus grove (body painting).

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