The creating of a body-painting in nature

Imagine that you have a wonderful art idea that you want to execute. You’ve also found a model, which is not self-evident. Then you still have to find the right and appropriate location to make the body-painting. This is not always as simple as it sounds. And, what about the weather? Except (maybe) hot-blooded Russian models, nobody will take their clothes off when its cold outside…

Well planned is half done, say those who know. While some things you can do unplanned, with body-paintings that doesn’t work. Unless you want to carry a heavy box, full of paint-cakes that you don’t need into nature, you need to know what you are going to do. So how do I go about that?

I’ll give an example. I once saw a photo of a wonderful texture of rocks on a mountain, a very attractive and inspiring subject for an artwork. The problem was, that this mountain stood in a faraway land, Israel. I occasionally go there, but the mountain stands in the desert, far from where I would usually visit. I brought paint colors that fit what I saw on the photo, but when I finally arrived at the rock, I realized that my colors were different from the rock in front of me. One option was to mix different paints to find the right color. It would have taken a lot of time, and the sun wouldn’t wait with going down. Another option, to save time and efforts, was to go ahead with what I brought.

That is what I eventually did at Nachal Prazim. As you can see, the colors are different, but luckily it doesn’t appear disturbing.

Another challenge: finding a model. Except for the fact that Doutzen Kroes or Heidi Klum are not always available, I can’t afford the pleasure of working with them. But I do have the honor of working with women who are not afraid to walk barefoot on rocks or stepping on a thorn. Moreover, they accept my modest reward and still are happy to work on art projects with me. It remains difficult, because the demand for a good model is bigger than the offer. Nevertheless, if you don’t try, you will never succeed. A reminder: I always look to collaborate with female models and dancer(s). If you are a model/dancer or know somebody who is, please get in touch.

Last but not least: the weather. In The Netherlands I can be sure, that the weather is more unexpected than anything else in this country. If it looks like in a few days it will finally be nice weather, I still have to wait till the day off to believe it.

In such circumstances, it is still a small miracle when plans made are actually being executed.

This also happened a week ago, when I realized the plan, made long ago, to make a body-painting of cow parsley. Sarah was available, the weather was good and the paint was the right one. One more new work is born!

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