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Freespiritipa from Palencia, Spain
Your body painting's gallery is fantastic
GUI@B from Paris, France
Some of your photographies are really fucking good !!! , especially in your body-painting section. I also make some body-painting and body-art if you wish to see at Keep on arting 🙂
R J Paulussen from Mijnsheerenland, Nederland
Beste Amit, Wat heb je een mooie website. Ik oefen maar wat, want ik heb op mijn pc nu ook internet. Veel succes. Rob.
Jan from Zwolle, Nederland
Wat een prachtige bodypaintfoto's!
joost from Emst (bij Epe), Nederland
hele mooie site helemaal doorgebladerd en genoten , Groetjes , Joost.
GUI@B from Paris, France
It's nice to come on this website sometimes and just relax watching your latest artworks. Later:
Simon Mulder from Amsterdam, Holland
Wow! Coole site, prachtige plaatjes! I love your layout! (Ik zit zelf ook in de art)
vincent payette
Good work keep on working
shalom from israel
amit, i was suprised to find you... i was just surfing along the net. anyway, i liked your body-paint works and your drawings. good luck 2 u and tihye li bari... yhala, bye.
Jan van Drongelen from Almelo, Nederland
Mooie foto's!! Als ik in mineur ben ga ik graag even op uw website foto's kijken. Kris kras! Het helpt! SUCCES! Jan.
Dirk Thomas de Boer from Kerkrade, Ned, Limburg
de naaktfotoos zijn van eenvoudige schoonheid en vorm en daarom zijn ze zo mooi.
yoon-hyojoon from seoul, south korea
Thank you very much for your beautiful photographs! I am a president of an art institute.
David D. Manning from Liverpool, NY, USA
Among finest examples of low key work that retains a feeling of tangible, natural sensuality.
e ten cate from bilthoven, nederland
wijze ontwerpen van de bodypaint en de rest is gewoon ontzettend mooi ik zal deze site zeker nog eens aanklikken en aanraden.
dennis spànemann from 2und5, deutschland
gut fotos.bin echt beeindruckt
allan from Wellington, New Zealand
Interesting site.
Shannon T Smith from NewCastle, USA
Love tour of your nature scapes and also your body painting
Trevor Callaham from Yerington, United States of America
Dear Mr. Amit Bar, not too long ago i stumbled upon your site, just thinking you were another photographer, but i was wrong. i find your style of photography very appealing to me, especially your children photography. i think you very well display the enthusiastic approach to life that a youth has. your picture seem to capture that moment in time that will never happen again, almost like a private moment. my thanks to you for reading this.
Anabela from Kosjeric, Yugoslavia
Hey !!!! I just saw some PURE pieces of art !!!!! Keep on going !!! I also like to explore nude human bodies in art. I specialy liked your blac and white photoes and nude drowings. Good work !
Mike from delft,
zeer mooie foto`s en de site steekt goed in mekaar gewoon door gaan kom zeker nog eens terug 🙂
Arie Meisel from Karmiel, Israel
It was A great Visit, best regards, Tamar and Arie
Frank from Genoa, Italy
I'm an Italian photographer involved into polaroid-fuji photo transfer. I like your very nice site. Thanks Please visit my site at:
Tobi-Ashton from Netherlands
I love your artistic photography! It's articulate and majestic! I very much enjoyed it's splendor! Keep it up! Tot Ziens!
inder gopal from Delhi, india
hi u doing...great landscapes and nature pictures........ plus photocollages.... u done photo collages digitally??? regards inder gopal
Drew Renberg from Seattle, WA, USA
I have just begun a photography course and loved your work. I am trying to find inspiration and find your site to be full of it.
Sharon Friedman from Tel Aviv, Israel
It is a pleasure
osnat hayoun from telaviv, israel
love your work,please inform where can we purchase it.
Cap'n. John M. Nielsen from Statesville, N.C. 28677 U.S. of A.
I'm still not through all your stuff but I've thoroughly enjoyed what I've seen so far (the Dutch girls gave me a good chuckle!) Good Stuff, Mr. Amit Bar. I may get back to you later with more, we are of similar aesthetic artistics! Thank You muchly, Cap'n. J.M.N.Sail/Art
Jos» Melo from Lisbon, Portugal
Excellent, your photos. I'll link your website on my favorites.
Itzik from Oranit, Israel
Kol hacavod!!!
charlie baltimore from cranbury, us
i loved your work. your use of color is fantastic. Thank you for letting the world see your work.
Nathan Oliver from leawood, Kansas
Dear Amit Bar, I have written to you before about your photographs. I am a high school student who has just recently taken on the school district with some of my controversial pictures that I had taken. I am challenging our art depertament to think differently and to challenge their views on what high school students should be exposed to. I had taken very tasteful pitchures of a very good friend of mine in the nude. I used some of your pics for references to do so. To make the mood very dramtic and add a sense of seduction, I used 3200 film with candles for lighting. The turned out wonderfully. Thanks for you help on challenging the mind and others views with this type of art.
Mike Martin from Hayward, CA, USA
Thank you for sharing your work!! I am downloading a nice windmill to remember Holland by. Will use it for screen wall paper. Keep up the good work, I will stop by again. Mike
Zuleika from Manteca, United States
Your art work is amazing. I especially love the drawings and photo-collages.
Foster Brashear from Lakewood, CO, USA
A wonderful site. Wonderful in every way.
Yakov Avraham from Beer-Sheva, Israel our heart in Holland
Thank you Amit for this new photos. There are very good. I think that you shold zoom the photo larger then they are now. Best regards, Koby
Edward Zackery from USA
I admire your fine work. Please keep this site alive. We need art and more art if we are to have sound minds. Thank you
Heidi Krzyworz from Seattle, USA
I love your nude photography, very tasteful and elegant.
Chris Rhoads from Fairbury, United States
I think a couple of you photos are outstanding. I also think a couple of them would make great aviators on a chat sight. I love the body paint section.
bebeto from Milan, Italy
Very good site. Please visit me at
Martine Lissenberg from Zaandam, Holland
I was looking for pictures of body-paint. They are wonderful! But I also looked at al the other pictures because I was very impressed.
VICKY from San Antonio, USA
hi amit, i hadn't been on your site in while, i'm glad you don't only have thin models. (referring to nudes 65-72) Good job on all your other catagories that it saw.
Marion Griffith from Houston TX., USA
You are a outstanding photographer and artist.I love the way you capture your images.The nudes and bodypainting pics are my favorites.You have a wonderful gift.As a face & bodypainter I wish I could have you as my photographer.
Paul Whitlow Jr. from Cohoctah,Michigan, U.S.A.
Excellent work.Looking foward to visiting again and seeing more.
ajay shukla from delhi, india
An excellent piece of work.
Daan from Uden
Ik dacht dat ik je eerder heb gezien op of vergis ik me? Mooi werk! Kan er nog van leren.
Hermann from SWitzerland
I enjoyed viewing all your bodypaintings, drawings and nude pictures. Inspiration against academie poses. Your work is very professionally and wonderful. I have looked your site with pleasure. I like redirection. I wish you great success and happiness in your live. Greetings from Switzerland Hermann Zobrist, artist painter Atelier Galerie ZET.ARS
Stacey Fillmore from Lincoln ill, USA
Thank you so much for allowing me to see such wonderful drawings. Although I haven't been drawing very long only a few years I think your drawings a amazing. They express alot of talent and beauty.Thank you for sharing them with me. I have a webpage that I am adding my drawings to in the near future please feel free to look and comment on them if you would like. thank you again, Best of Luck, Stacey Fillmore
Patrick from Eindhoven,
Voor een tekenaar vind ik de foto's niet zo creatief.....De site zit goed in elkaar.
Wang Jian Jun from Hong Kong, China
your works are wonderfully beautiful!thank you.
tina carel from riverside, usa
beautiful work!
R from Austin, USA
Your body painting is amazing.
GHAZALA from Cairo, Egypt
how wonderful site and great artist.. really i love all your art works... you have pure looking to life ...keep up good works. Greetings from Egypt (
Hans Verhoeven from Uden, Nederland
Eindelijk....een fotosite gevonden die NU dus tussen mijn favorieten staat. Ik zal ook zeker andere liefhebbers over Uw site vertellen. Uw landschapsfoto's bevallen mij zeer, erruugg mooi, ook Uw naakten #17,#18 en #19..gewoon weg zw/w fotografie zoals het "hoort". Wellicht mag ik U uitnodigen mijn site ( eens te bezoeken.. Bedankt...een beginnende fotograaf, Hans Verhoeven
Jim from El Cajon, California
Very nice work. I only checked out the bodypainting page and I think it is outstanding! Would like to try that some time. Very nice!
Annie from Jerusalem, Israel
I very like the fine art photography. It is amazing!!!
James Barr from Thibodaux, LA USA
Very nice gallery. Website is simple and pleasant. Thank you.
Pedro Jorge Matos from P€voa de Varzim, Portugal
Fantastic landscapes and an overall very good job! Kind regards from Portugal.
white from london, england
very good site, excellent photography
rob blom from Doetinchem, Verwegistan
Leuke site Amit.
shira amar from zefat, israel
One picture worth 1000 words. Bravo!
Kenneth Koh from Singapore
Nice Picture
AABHINAV from Delhi, India
Fine, nice photografy, i think, u also improve my way thinking, nice sir bye tc.
Jan from USA
Wonderful site JR 🙂
Slava from St.Petersburg, RUSSIA
Very nice. The portraits are very impressive and the landscapes too, #20 especially. Thank You, I've enjoyed it.
Cristian Opazo from santiago, Chile
very good your page your photos too they are amazing i like photography, i do some photos but your's are great good luck and congartulkation to your sohn allon
hans franz from arnhem, ned
Hallo Amit, Ik heb vrij veel (voor mij) nieuw werk gezien. Tot ziens, Hans
james velez from cleveland, usa
your photos of nudes were breathtaking and your nature photos were terrific you are an true artist. you already know that that is why i am viewing your work. I think you're great!!!!!!
Peter Starrenburg from Apeldoorn, Nederland
Beste Amit bar, Het zijn hele mooie foto's van bodypaint mijn complimenten. Ook van de naaktfoto's je hebt er weer een hoop werk aan besteed. ik heb mijn website nu ook ze wat klaar waar ook jou website link op sta.
JR Namida from Las Vegas, US
Wishing you the best - I know you already have something new in focus - JR your friend
Ine from Vlissingen, NL
prachtig fotowerk, zo mooi helder, stil. heerlijk. ik geniet er van. bedankt en succes! Ine
jeff johnson from USA
i like your site
Paul van der Lee
Amit, Boeiende en mooie site! Paul
Randall C Rap from Irving, USA
Good photos. Especially like the single prone lady from the rear for content, composition and lighting. Biased too much yet by content.
maks from socny, russia
John from Milton, United States
Your artwork is commendable. I am pleased to say that your work captures the pure beauty of all you see. The women are excellent to draw from and I thank you for this opportunity to use them.
Zamir Zahavi from Pittsburgh, U.S.A
I really enjoy your landscape photographs
Klasgenootjes Ofrit from Dinxperlo, Nederland
Wij (Richard, Linda, Prescilla en Peter) vinden het geweldige foto's. Aan Ofrit's gezicht te zien is ze er enorm trots op. Wij wensen u nog veel succes in de fotografie.
Mikey D from USA/Canada
just passing through, I thought your pictures were very good.
Kathleen from Marysville, USA
C. Lemmens from kampenhout, BelgiÎ
Ik heb de foto's bekeken. Vooral de naaktfoto's. Zeer mooi ! Zo'n foto's zou ik ook wel van mezelf willen ! Groetjes, Chantal
Mart from Vlaardingen, Nederland
Mijn complimenten over de bodypaintings,heel mooi en heel knap. Beschildert u ook mannen? hartelijke groet
riyazuddin from hyderabad, india
owen from Surrey, Canada
nice site quality interesting art
Emily Broad from Boston, USA
Amazing!!! If I had the money I would become a buyer!
Mark Hall from Pownal, USA
Very nice pictures.
Marcel Wiegerinck from Mierlo, Nederland
Ziet er goed uit mijn complimenten. Marcel.
Marian de Bruyne from Rotterdam, Nederland
Hallo Amit. Ik ben erg onder de indruk van je site.Vooral je bodypaints ,Ik zelf ben aankomend bodypaintster en ook model om ervaring op te doen. Een vriendinnetje van mij liet je site aan me zien, ze is een grote fan van je werk. Op deze site , kun je wat werk van mij zien ,ook als model(ik ben vampirella).
reinhard from stadthagen, germany
well done
j.c.hoogeveen from nl
prachtige site,,, een genot voor het oog, en nog snel ook!
Peter from Augsburg, Germany
Very, Very nice Site, great an interesting. Congratulation
Bart from almere, nl
Amit, Van harte proficiat met een mooie homepage. Fraai werk. Groets, Bt
Mark from Anaheim, USA
You, ladies are BEAUTIFUL!! I wish you were closer to me!
Rich Diltz from Sacramento, USA
I heard through the grapevine you were going under the knife. From one artist to another I wish you a most speedy and comfortable recovery.
Nora from NYC, USA
your web is great. I loved your pictures especially snapshots and children. Good luck!!
Jaxx Saunders from Yuma, USA
I love the drawings that you display in this.
van from cameron,
you have a very nice site.
dc dunn from Spring Valley, Il, USA
Your great. Any tips?
tom from NY, USA
fascinating work. you have genius in the inovation of ideas, but also in the humorous and human way you treat people. the cello player with curious cows & and the very fat very fun dancer are two favorites.