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carolyn roper from london, uk
Lovely work on your site, best Wishes for a speedy recovery from an english bodypainter! Get well soon!!!!
amit baram from jerusalem, israel
I enjoyed the site v. much but was disappointed there were no enlarged jpeg's of your photos. also wanted to download 2 myself but couldn't since the images were so small! the freedom 2 share is v. important. thanx, amit
JDKing from Columbia Missouri, USA
I find your work very enjoyable. I myself am an artist and I am seriously considering purchasing one of your body painting Photos at some point.
riky from korea,
hi, this site is beautiful. i,m nice to visit here by chance. good day! thanks
robert todd from wisconsin, usa
Nice site! Enjoy your work. I enjoy same kinds of photography plus drawing, painting. This was a very nice place to visit. Bob
mariano from adeje, tenerife
Marisa from Netherlands
Get well soon!
bri from philippines
i am planning to establish a web gallery... your gallery is cool...
Pam Rossel from Utrecht, NL
Verrast was ik door de schoonheid van de foto's die u maakt. Erg leuk voor mij was het om Ofrit, Erez en de tweeling te herkennen. Het allermooiste vond ik toch wel de bodypaints, een beetje onwezenlijk en dromerig en daar houd ik erg van. Mijn hartelijke groeten, Pam Rossel.
Joop Spiljard
Ik hou van je werk vooral in zwartwit. joop
Troy Fuchs from Dekalb, USA
Nice Site! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing through your eyes. Particularly fond of the drama you found in the children's photos. Also impressed to see someone working with bodypaint in the 90's. Keep it up and good luck to you and yours
HAMINO from Padang, Indonesia
prince maduekwe from houston, texas, usa
bold, creative. keep the spark firing.
Andr» from Chemnitz, Germany
Very good work. I'm very interested in Bodypainting. And this page is very good to do my homeworks. I thank you for this stuff. Have a nice day. I see you !!!
bodystyles from vienna, austria
hi !!! beautiful girls, professional page !!! i enjoyed it very much
RicardoGuerra from PortimÑo, Portugal
Muito interesante e montagens muito boas. Gostei muito. Comtinuem assim , obrigado
L.Poortman from Hattem, Nederland
Hai... Ik wilde even zeggen dat u ontzettend gave foto's maakt
badshah from karachi, pakistan
Fune and Photography is the best web site thank you
Raymond from zoetermeer, Holland
erg mooie site met veel mooie foto`s!Navigatie kan wel iets beter nog;)mvg raymond
veerle michiels from Limburg, Belgie
Ik heb genoten, in »»n woord prachtig. Wanneer kunnen we mannelijke modellen verwachten. Ze zijn zeker de uitdaging van het portreteren waard. Ik kijk uit naar de volgende up date van deze site.
Paul Maurits from Sprang-Capelle, NL
Ik heb op je site gekeken, ben er via een stukje in het blad Naturisme terecht gekomen. Je foto's en tekeningen spreken me zeer aan. Ben zelf amateurfotograaf met een kunstzinnige inslag. Heb hiervoor nooit een opleiding gevolgd maar doen het meeste op gevoel en inspiratie. Heb ook een tijdje met diverse kunstenaars en designers gewerkt op diverse gebieden. Heb altijd nog de stille wens iets te gaan doen op het gebied van de fotografie, dit trekt mij zeer. Een kennis van mij doet ook aan bodypainting, grime en showwerk met modellen, zodoende ken ik de wereld een beetje. Ik vind je werk fantastisch en heb hier grote waardering voor. Graag zou ik hierover eens met je van gedachten willen wisselen. Veel succes, ik zal je site regelmatig blijven volgen. Vriendelijke groet, Paul maurits
wayne mcleod from Myrtle beach ,south carolina, USA
Nice landscapes,great site well read and easy to view, will be passing this site on to others. Wayne McLeod
Thom∑s Endara from Guayaquil, Ecuador
Very nice pictures, you have an interesting form to see the beauty of the bodies and nature
Doc from Somerset, England
Hi. I'm a photographer from the uk & have just found your site, its Delightful - Nice work. Doc
martin ramos from mexico, mexico
Lo felicito por sus trabajos realizados tanto de pintura en cuerpos, asi como por sus foto
jackie lyn ballori from Manila, Philippines
I am overwhelmed and amazed with the photos and drawings I've seen in this website. I am really interested in viewing this updated website again. thank you.
Mary K.Sallee from Rome,N.Y., USA
Hi..I think your taste in Art is exquisite. I also think the black-n-white seem to hold the class of the 'classic'. Very sensivite & intense capturings w/in the Art world! MKS
Itzik from Israel
I visited your site to see the news.Very nice.Have a nice weakend.Itzik.
DIMOS from Piraeus, GREECE
saleem from karachi, pakistan
kavitha from coimbatore, india
i lost my world in your site. i love your body paintings and collages. All the best to you. Thanking you. important: can you mail about the theory behind your colours please. lovingly kavi!
prakash m from mangalore, india
I apprecaite your photograph. i like it and i enjoy it. keep it up. I think you are a most leading PHOTOGRAPHER. Thanking you. prakash m
HaeJin Ham from Taege, Korea
hello! Can you remember me? I hope so...I'm sorry, my English is not good. Well... i saw your new bodypainting. it was very nice. i think your works make me good experience to my work. i think you are very good artist. i like your children's photos. they are very cute and nice. When i looking these photos, i feel some pure and there future that what are gonna do when they are growing up. so... that's why i like yours. and i like your bodypainting #83~87. have a good day! and i hope that you keep good work about your art. thank you! Amit Bar....i'll see later. bye~
Warittha from LA, Calif
hi there! I really enjoyed looking through all your work. Your photos are beautiful. I wish I that later in life I will be able to practice snapping shots, and sharpen my skills (I am what you call an apprentice in photography). Thank you for sharing!
Mark Grier from melbourne, Australia
Very inspirational work, very impressed. keep up the good work
Dirk - Thomas de Boer from Kerkrade, oostelijk limburg
super mooie winter fotoos, deze opnames zullen steeds zeldzamer gaan worden, fijn dat je ze hebt vast gelegd voor het nageslacht.
Jerry Derozier from City: Jefferson City, United States
Hiya, Amit... I am a fine/digital artist and have found your images wonderfully inventive and imaginative! Thank you for putting your artworks on the Web...-Jerry Derozier LekiddArtworks
Mark V. from UK
Wonderfull work, thank you for sharing.
wlpinc from muscatine, Iowa
Thanks for the note.
hadar from tel aviv ,
very good
Marcelo Urizar from Cambori?, Brasil
Excellent your works...
Mark Primavera from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
Very interesting work Amit! Keep shooting and have fun!!
Erika from Toronto, Canada
Emma B. from Coventry, England
just took a look at your updated site and your work just seems to get better and better keep up the great work emma xx:
Richard L VanBibber from cameron,
I think that you very good work.Keep it up
Gidday, I enjoyed your body painting photos. For some time now I have been considering taking Australian Aboriginal women into the outback of Australia and having an Aboriginal artist paint there bodies with landscape views ie. trees, rocks etc and shoot them with both the body and natural landscape in the same pic. Just an idea. Regards. Lyle
Rachel from Seattle, USA
I really liked everything. I thought the landscapes were beautiful. The children pictures...I thought they were cute and I could think of a story for each one. The collages...I really liked...they were intriguing. Well...I just thought I'd sign the that I wouldn't be rude.
Lakshmanan M from Chennai, India
Your sketches on female anatomy is superb. I know a little sketching and your sketches will improve me. I have downloaded lot of your sketches. You are in Netherlands and I in India. We can only meet through E-mail. I cant afford to purchase your work as I come from not so rich background. Your sketches enthuse me to draw more. Your friendly, M.Lakshmanan, India.
Dimitri Michels from Heerlen, NL
Fantastische site met idem foto's.. (beetje arrogant maar:) keep up the good work.. Heb er van genoten. Groeten Dimitri..
Gary B. from London, Canada
Impressive. Wonderful work. From one artist to another, you have it!
Dr. Johnnie Barnes from Huntsville, USA
Enjoyed your work very much it is a delight to the sense of vision.
Els from Soest, netherlands
heel erg goed, een genot om te bezoeken, zowel de tekeningen als de figuur, portret foto's als de bodypaints. een ware gallery
AKADUS from Melbourne, Australia
HI! I must say sir, that you are a very talented artist and have a really nice page set-up for you. Wish you all the success (and more) in the years to come. Best regards, ~Akshay~ a.k.a.AKADUS
Stelios Baklavas from Athens, Greece
I am photographer from Athens, Greece & Chania/Creete(Greece). Your photos very-very fine art work...Bravo,Bravo. Please take a look at my art website Thank you very mach
Dan Bolt from Vineland, NJ, USA
I especially liked the way you captured the love of a mother for her child! More photographers should do works like those!!
Robert from Fredericktown, MO., U.S.A
Beautiful, simply beautiful
Aad from Amsterdam, Netherlands
Prima site met goede foto's. Art fotografie is een kunst op zich, vooral op Internet waar je door 95 % rotzooi moet ploegen. Hier een, wellicht eerder gehoorde, tip: idee om aan te sluiten bij het Fine Art Nude Network(.com)? Net als deze een geweldige (verzamel)site!
sher foster from kc, usa
beautiful work ... i especially liked your landscape and children's photography
artdude from Alberta, Canada
I just wanted to let you know I dropped by your site and had a look around. I really enjoyed your photos and drawings. I did have one question though. I see in your drawings that you do mostly figures. Do you have any other subject matter (animals, landscapes, etc.) that you might be putting up on your site? That's all for now. Thanks again. :o) oh I also do some artwork, why don't you drop by and say hello?
Lon Williams from Illinois, USA
Your photographic vision is phenominal. Your God given talent for capturing natural beauty is a nice break from many traditional viewpoints. The comfort and natural love portrayed in your nudes is unmatched, except by the creator himself. You are able to capture his intent vividly.
Don from Holiday, USA
Once again blown away Amit. Would like to think I'll be able to see the gallery sometime this year, all going well. Thanks for the update. Go Well! Cheers Don
fototaker from Rota (Cadiz), SPAIN of course!
always nice to see your great imagery! have a great new years and a better year!
fallet from columbus, usa
loved the work. saved some to show to my husband. i'm adding you to my fav. spots to visit. keep up the good work.-fallet
Vidya from Bombay, India
Hello, This website is great, but there is far too much interruption by ads. In fact, I keep getting small ads every few seconds literally, and that wastes my time. Otherwise, the site is beautiful.
Melissa from Sault Ste. Marie MI, USA
I really enjoyed your black and white pictures. I also really liked your sketching of the hands.
Vicentiu Dinovici from toronto, Canada
interesting. good work.
BeA Wass from Timr¬, Sweden
I like your landscapes and nature, or perhaps the snapshots. Have a good day : BeA
Koby Avraham from Beer-Sheva, Israel
I don't have any words, just that your photos are like a old wine, your works are the best. have happy new year. and how know......
tracey from kitchener, canada
absolutely wonderful!!!! i'd be ijterested in buying somewhere around 10-15. But...i don't know how. e-mail me please.
Nienke (18 jaar) from Amsterdam, Holland
Ik vind uw foto's echt onwijs mooi en goed. Ik weet er zelf weinig vanaf. Ik ga nu zelf een cursus fotografie volgen. Ik hoop dat ik het ook leer!
Charles Christopher from Columbia, MO U.S.A.
I'm quite impressed with your work. Columbia College runs a contest every year named "Paper in Particular," if you are interested in entering I would be happy to forward the info to you. First Place, if I'm remembering correctly, prize is a one-person show at the Sid Larson Gallery on Campus.
farid from karachi, pakistan
You have a lovely site with fantastic images. Love the Nudes and the body-paintings. Thanks for the very pleasant viewing. Regards, farid
Itzik from Oranit, Israel
Col Hacavod!!!
wm phillips from muscatine, USA/ IA
MAGNIFCO! I enjoyed your art work,very pleasing , good taste . keep up goodwork. Bill
Michael from St-Petersburg, Russia
Class. A very high class! 🙂
Kevin Chan from Hong Kong, China
I know very little about art, however, I do get a good feeling on your content at "Amit Bar Fine Art" web page. It's beautiful. Kevin Chan
szostak from duesseldorf, germany
Mariel Cobie from Plymouth, UK
The body paint shots are lovely.
Olaf from Almere, Nederland
Hoi Amit, Ik heb (weer) genoten van je foto's. Met name de naakten buiten vind ik erg mooi. Ik ben zelf ook bezig met modelfotografie, niet zolang dus ik heb nog een hoop te leren. Als je eens wat van mijn werk zou willen zien: Groetjes, Olaf Schulte
James Parsons from browning, us
Very good nudes. I love looking at nudes it is a very relaxing and enjoyable subject. I look forward to see more of your work. How often do you change the photos on this site?
jean paul brouillette from st calixte, canada
I enjoyed visiting your site if and when i have money i'll be back
Elan Agra from Kibbutz Eilon, Israel
Wonderful pictures
Uri Kadmon from ISRAEL
שלום עמית. כחובב צילום הזדמנתי לאתר שלך ונהינתי מהיצירתיות. כן זה האורי קדמון ההוא...כמה אתה כבר מכיר כל טוב
tel aviv, Israel from kol hakavod amit, eyze tmunot yafot
eveline from holland
hallo amit, ik heb je update bekeken, het ziet er prachtig uit. Ik vind vooral nr 54 t/m 61 van de nudes erg mooi!
Leuk deze foto,s, wel wat eenzijdig alleen vrouwen !!!!???? In de kunst is er toch wel iets meer als vrouwelijke modellen, of toch, wat ik als model ervaren heb, en poseer toch gemiddeld als mannelijk naaktmodel een per week voor div. centras in zuid-Nederland. Sorry al is wel leuk om te zien vind ik het te veel naar een soort (vrouwen) overhellen ik weet wel vouwen tellen nu eenmaal wat wat beter maar dat heeft niets met kunst te maken.
Linda Sverrisd€ttir from 801, Selfoss Island
Its weri nice, thing you
lenny gilbert from w.palm bch , usa fl
very interesting work, i would like to see more and do appreciate the opportunity to view on the net.
Anne Marie from Holland
hello, very nice gallery. Awesome works. Best wishes Anna Maria
Rita from socorro, NM
i like the work you have put into your art. i found it serious,beutifull,and yet insperational. signed RA
Jos MariÎn from Hoboken-Antwerpen, Belgie
Prachtige update het meest bevallen me de foto's in naaktopnamen de serie 54 tot 56 in portret 24 en bij kinderen 39 klasse werk groetjes Jos
Bart from Ams, NL
Hoi Amit en lezers, leuke site.
CHOE Myung Jin from SEOUL, KOREA
BABYGIRLNONI from Milwaukee, WI
Body painting, absolutely incredible. Some of them pulled me right into them, the colors, the poses, the flow it's all good. Also loved photos of the children. Would like to see more from you.
srinivsan.r from chennai, india
Rob Meeuwissen from Bergschenhoek, Nederland
Ben zelf ook modelfotograaf (amateur) geweest. Zag uw mailadres in (sex)blad Foxy met omschrijving "prachtige en zeer diverse naaktfotografie" en herinner me werk in het blad Naturisme
Piet from Lelystad, holland
hij is en blijft prachtig Amit. groetjes Piet
This weekend I will add you to my site. Good luck and hope you will make more pictures like this
Donyala Banks from Rangely, USA
Hello again Amit, As ususal I love your new work thank you for sharing it with me it inspires me to create my own ideas. Yours Truly, Donyala