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Lynn from PJ, Malaysia
Very nice pictures! A great source for my photomontage assignment... Thanks alot! Will be dropping by more!
mimoon abu ata from kofor qari, israel
hi amit, your site is excellent,....fine arts, fine site...i liked your photographs very much, and i hope for u success in the future. by the way i started before about 4 monthes to shoot photos by my new camera: nikon f-70, i'm learning architicture in the college of Rupin,...maybe you can help me building a site of mine where i can put my private photos...thanks a lot... mimoon
Meg from LaFayette, USA
I really enjoyed viewing oyur work. I'm very impreesed with how it was done.
Stephen L. Waisberg from Toronto, Canada
Your artistic vision displayed in photographs of the human body and the human condition are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for letting me see this work.
paun sorin from BRASOV, Romania
I want to learn more from you
judith from holland
Very nice !!!!
Dr. Ahrar Khan from Faisalabad, Pakistan
This was my second visit to your web site, I found it very interesting and informative. Well done! Amit.
Nathan Buress from Windsor, Ontario, Canada
You take wonderful pictures. I'm a photographer as well, it would be great to here from you. Please write me at my e-mail address.
To Gantu from Lisbon, Portugal
There are photographers and there are belong to the second group 🙂 Great stuff (loved the snapshots), thanks for sharing it.
Ettore Maria Bar from Milano, Italy
Probably best body paintings around whole Europe.
Nathasja from Spijkenisse, nederland
Ik kwam via dutcheheaven op je site terecht en wil even zeggen dat ik je werk echt heel mooi vind!! Mijn complimenten!! Groetjes Nathasja
Yakov Avraham from Israel
Thank you again for your wonderful site.
corsa from rotterdam, netherlands
Wauw, dat zijn nog eens supermooie foto's! Mijn complimenten, echt waar. Ik zou je graag op mijn site zetten.
Theresa Black from Sooke, Canada
My other hafe has been to youe sight be fore , but this is my first visit. you do beautful work and I would love to see more!!!! I'am an artest to when I have time . My pashion is paiting. but I have to young kids so I dont do as much as I would like to. thank you for shairing your work a new fan Theresa Black
Peter Moerman from Kfar Hamaccabi, Israel
Shalom, Je natuur en landschap fotos doen me met weemoed aan Nederland terugdenken.
hans from wat en geweldige foto's.als ik een mooi mens was. had ik het ook zo gedaan. heb helaas een nogal lelijke huid. anders had ik jou gekozen voor een aantal plaatjes ........
shanon from kuala lumpur, malaysia
touches my soul. peace and trangquility.
Lieuwe Miedema from Friesland, Nederland
Bij landschappen en natuur zitten erg mooie foto's.
Jack Zemla from N.Conway, NH USA
Again I must tell you, nice quality and very well done, Thanks
Angelique Corliss from kirkland, USA
very nice.... thank you for letting me know there was new pics...
Matheous from Philidelphia, USA
I love your site! The body paint is so origional! Keep up the good work.
Sean O'Brien from Wilmington, USA
Finally! Someone who does family nude photography! Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. It is so refreshing to see parents with their children (especially older kids) posing in plain, natural nudity. This would shock the vast majority of Americans, but then again Americans are the most immature people on the planet when it comes to nudity. Thanks and I will share your photography with friends and family. I belong to Illinois' only nudist club and I am sure the members would love these photos. Once I put the money together I may even purchase one. I hope to have a wife and kids one day soon, and I plan on having some nude portraits of us hanging throughout out home. Thanks again for something new.
chris berry from carlisle, usa
I am a scetch artist, and i viewed your sites on nudes. i do drawing of nudes at times. i just wanted to let you know i have enjoyed you photo work. you do good work behind the camera. keep up the good work. i will check in to look at your work at another date. I can possible use this site as a refence. good job. thanks for letting me view your work, chris
Tariq from Multan, Pakistan
Very good painting on humanbody and good colection in art.
marisa de graaff cochran from ashland, usa
amit: saw your new works....beautiful and so unique!!! peace,marisa
Gabi Weiss from Kfar-Saba, Israel
Bijzonder Mooi!!!
Karin from Arnhem, Holland
Ik ben jaloers, zulke foto's wil ik ook maken.
Lygia from Nederlandse antilles, ST.Maarten N.A
I really like your work, and i'm planning on getting started in photography, i love taking photo's of nature or anything having to do with nature!!! Hmmmm..i might come holland to start out!!! Bye for now!!! "L"
Don from Holiday, USA
Thankyou for the sharing! Beautiful, tasteful pix. My only gripe is that the thumbs do not enlarge to a larger size. However, I appreciate that it's a time thing, as I'm on 56K modem myself. Will direct others to your site.
Adnan Bayg from Lahore, Pakistan
Hi Amit, Its really a great pleasure to seeing your art. It is excellent. One of my friend told me about your work with great insipiration, i found it so while seeing your art. Love: Adnan
Martin Bakota from Saint John, Canada
Very creative photography. I particularly like your body paint pictures and drawings.
William Schoppe II from San Antonio, USA
Very nice nudes, scenic and painted bodies photos. Keep up the good work.
Ayhan Kutlu from nudity is not always is art , as seen on your website...
James from Macon, Georgia USA
I just came across your site today and enjoyed it thoroughly, so I just wanted to say hello.
Guy Deregnaucourt from Montgobert, France
A very nice site. I like very much, tour body-painting & nudes galeries. Congratulations. Friendly Guy
Els from Scherpenzeel, Nl
Ik zie nu net de naakt foto's. Erg mooi .. met stijl
Erik van der Heijden from Veghel, Nederland
Prachtige foto's.
sweta from nj, USA
Chuck from Orlando, FL, usa
Your nudes are stunning.
Andrew from Essex, United Kingdom
beautiful landscape & nature photography
Emily from Hong Kong
I got more idea from your photo. I need some fine art photo for my drawning
ronald n haynes from chattanooga, usa
everthing you show is grate espicaly children 11/20/42 keep up the good work. THANKS, RONALD N HAYNES
gully from E'hoven, Nederland
Hallo mensen.. gave pagina..
Harry from duiven,
Hallo Amit, Ziet er weer goed uit, vooral doorgaan. m.v.g. Harry Jansen
misty from los angeles, united states
i love your page has some great shoots i would like to see more if you have any. i love the pictures of the kids.
Barr Amit from Ein Hamifratz, Israel
Comments: À»»œ?» ?¬∑... á?â ”ÇÑ»Ø á? ⁄à”Õ ÎàœÃ. á?» ¡»»∑ œà»»‘ ?á?» ∑ᬟ‘ á»?», á¬â∑ ∑”»¬¡Ñ á? âØ»?¬”»Ã ⟻ǬØÀ»∑»»Ã ?œÕ. ?∑¬⁄ À¬∑, ∑Ø. 🙂
Gerrit from Bergen op Zoom, Nederland
Mooie foto's! Goed opgezette site. Ik heb veel waardering voor de grote variatie in de gebruikte modellen.
Luc from Doetinchem, NL
Je site ziet er fantastisch uit!! Luc.
H du Buisson from Centurion, South Africa
Very nice...
Eric Engman from Edmonton , Canada
Do you take your picture in the netherlands And where if so I have a map of the world and I like to know so I can make where ??? thanks
paolo from milano, italia
simply the best
rex from Salt Lake city, us
very graciously done
elis from chennaii, india
amazing snaps...really beautiful and vey impressive
Itzik from Israel
Well done!!!Chazak ve Ematz"
Itzik from Israel
I realy enjoyed to visit your site!
pawan kumar agarwal from Patna, India
Good site.
Dean from Calgary, Canada
Excellent models!! Keep up your good work.
Itzik Yariv from Oranit, Israel
I fell in love in Nude #74. All te best!!!
Helene moody & Craig Seabright from Poole, England
Thankyou your site is enspiring, easy to use and the layout is a minimalists dream that perfectly displays some outstanding work - a rarety on the web. Keep it up and will keep visiting it. Hopefully in the near future will have our own sight of similar standards which we hope you would enjoy equally. we will keep you posted. Please do the same for us. Thanks again.
Greg Hood from Ottawa, Canada
- thank you for your gallery update, i always enjoy viewing your new creations.
Fridy Klunder from meppel, NL
Amit Bar ik vind je homepage zo prachtig. Ik geniet altijd weer van die body paint en van al die kleurige photography Dan is de wereld zo mooi, Ik heb erg genoten. Dank je wel Fridy Klunder emailadres
Carole Marcoux from Montr»al, Canada
continue, (French) By by
Barr Amit from Ein Hamifratz, Israel
”ò“»Ã! ∑Ø.
Norman from Pevely, U.S.A.
super - super - we need more of this - beauty in all forms is a gift from GOD -so enjoy it with good feelings..........
wilboorts from antwerpen, belgie
heel proffesioneel gedaan knap werk
David Lieberman from NYC, US
I just stopped back in to see what's new on your site.
Colin Bigam from Edmonton, Canada
Beautiful work! Easily worthy of the designation, "Fine Art," which is a rarity these days.
Claire S. from Bethesda, MD
Wow. You are ceartainly a very talented artist. Your photos are stunning, very realistic as well as intriguing.
Yann from Nice, France
Certaines photos sont surprenantes et vraiment bien pens»es. bravo.
caihtlin from niel, belgiÎ
Hallo, Leuke site zenne met prachtige foto's,vooral de bodypainting vind ik heel tof. Veel succes in de toekomst met je fotowerk. Mvg, caithlin.
A.C. de Ridder from Amarante, Portugal
Very fine site with beautiful pictures !
Jo from Vermont, USA
I am so glad to have found your wonderful site a long time ago, and want to thank you for keeping me informed of any new entries. I, especially,love the nudes and the body painting pics. This is something I hope to try myself soon. Thanks for your ingenuity.
steven hollenback from Ripon, wisc
having an interest in b/w and figure photography, i find some of your images interesting in their lines.
noam liron from k. yakum, israel
nice website, liked the art...
Erik from York, PA
you have some really interesting photographs. did you find it hard to get models when you first started taking nudes?
datta from pune, india
Really nice, first time i have seen on net
jino from colombo, srilanka
wonderfull site... good taste.
Carlos L€pez from Madrid, Spain
∞Excellent work! Very nice images (Excellent the body paint section) ... I'll hope come back in few days to see more ART.
Tanya K. Cormier from Lafayette, USA
Matthew Epperson from Nice pictures. I've just started a b&w photography class at SMSU. I'm impressed with your site. I hope to have the time soon to get my site looking this good.
Liz from Cary, NC USA
Interesting compositions with body paint.
mike manley from carnegie, usa
Margot from Eindhoven, Netherlands
Was suprised by the beauty and diversity of your website, after being bored looking at fotograph'wanabees' who are not getting what you do! compliments. Like to learn from you...
D-J Linden from Rotterdam, Netherlands
Hallo, bij toeval op uw site terecht gekomen, verbazingwekkende foto's. De kunst in uw galerie(toen ik die jaren geleden bezocht met de fam.Paulussen) was toen al indrukwekkend. Het is alleen maar beter geworden. Ik wens u heel veel succes met de gallerie en de website en hoop u in de toekomst nog eens graag te ontmoeten. tevens doe ik een vriendelijke groet aan uw vrouw en kinderen. Was signed, Jerk-Doost
Richard Spehr from Largo,Florida, USA
melissa minton and scott studer from U.S.A
Hello- Me & my friend Scott just wanted to let you know that we are really impressed with your work! We think its very classy and sophisticated..loved it... melissa and scott.
???? ????? from Beer-Sheva, Israel
????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ?????? ???, ????? ??????? ???? ??? ?? ??? ???. ???? ???????
ruud from nederland
Ik vind het een hele mooie site. Ik zelf wil mezelf ook eens naakt/erotisch laten fotograveren maar dan door een vrouwlijke fotograaf misschien dat jij iemand weet die dit zou willen b,v,d Ruud.
Martin from Bruneck, Italy
Hy Amit, after a long time I revisit your site. Verry, verry nice! Gratings from Bruneck Martin.
Jeannette Post from Apeldoorn, The netherlands
Door een artikel in het blad Naturisme, even gaan kijken op je page. Het is echt hartstikke mooi!
Pauline from Stroud, Canada
I enjoy seeing great photography, especially black and white. I have a cheap camera and can not take great pictures, so it is nice to see some done with good cameras. Thank you
Nicolas Vera Barros from Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Beautiful photos....continue with your publications.!!!!!!!
MeRy from Breda, NL
Hi Amit, leuk je site weer eens te bekijken, je bent »cht goed bezig hÀ;-) Greetz vanuit Breda, MeRy (
Louise from Canada
Hi Amit, I am a (film) makeup artist in Canada. I was looking around the web for somthing else and fell into your site. Really nice work!
diana from houston, USA
i really liked your work. especially the tiger-women! my homepage is: it has some of my drawings on it if you want to see them.
amit bar from nes ziona, israel
you have very nice photographs and the best name.
james davis from new jersey, u.s.a.
I am impressed and i am not esaily impressed,I think that your work is super great.
Marcos Flores from Austin, USA
You Have Mad Skill!!!!!
Fred from Towson, USA
Your photographs of nude families are perfect. It shows how natural we are.